Angel Marquez
2020-10-15 08:19:43

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We welcome you to our The Survivalists guide in which we will talk about How to get metal ingots.

What to know about the metal ingots in The Survivalists?

  There are some materials that become difficult to obtain and that turn out to be of great importance for our performance during the game, specifically gold bars, these are very strange and the possibilities are very remote to find them on the island, for this we go To have details in this guide on How to get metal ingots and thus have the solution to this problem, let's move on.
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How to get metal ingots in The Survivalists?

 Volcanic biomes and caves are the best places for this in The Survivalists, the rocks that have objects shining silver are those that have the metal ingots, in the same way they will be seen in the cases of gold and gems only that its brightness is different, now for volcanic biomes to know how to get metal ingots goes through the fact that it is not possible to roam in these places, which will be a problem to get it because of how hot this environment is, this can lead to the loss of health quickly, so our options will become real if we have the elixir, which allows us to be immune to the effects that the environment can cause for at least a few moments and it will be possible to enter the volcanic biomes to collect the risk-free metal ingots.

 Also taking into account the training for the monkeys, since this can be done for us, it is important in this option that the monkeys are with us, then being in the biome what we will do is extract a metal ingot so that they see how it is done, then it will be enough for him to give the beak to the monkeys and they do this task for us, then we just go in and collect the ingots, if our decision is to use the other way to get metal ingots such as caves, this They do not affect our health in any way, but there are some dangers, but if it is ideal that we have the cave very close to the volcanic biome, the caves become in some way viable as soon as the ingots that extract, so it is possible to go in again and take more.

 Now that you know how to get metal ingots, just apply what you have learned and go on to comment on the results in The Survivalists.