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Accessories in Among Us tend to abound and this allows us to have the possibility of knowing how to unlock Jason's mask, let's see


Why get Jason's mask at Among Us?

  This is merely a tribute to the protagonist of Vienes 12, because here it is possible to get this mask, because we can consider it to be an impostor or perhaps it is not, in any case it has its degree of interest since it fuels terror in all its splendor, and for this date it is even more relevant since Halloween is coming.
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    How to unlock Jason's mask in Among Us?

     The first thing we need to think about is the possibility of changing the date to October 31, 2019 either on our PC or on our mobile, and it is part of one of the Halloween packages, then it is necessary to create a game or simply join us in the customization option, as it is just one of the interesting implements that have been blocked by these festivities in the game.

     Even when we can have this mask, it is important to make it clear that it is possible to have the other skins that we have in our possession, even when the date has changed. It should be noted that this mask is interesting since it is possible to use it as a teammate or as an impostor, since they can hardly notice it, and it is necessary to proceed to unlock some things that include the possibility of overcoming in this game or simply solving some mistakes.

     One way or another, knowing how to unlock Jason's mask is an interesting skin that you can take advantage of these days in Among Us.

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