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2020-11-04 08:14:33

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Where to find Damaged Masks in Genshin Impact?

Our work to find these masks leads us to look for Hilichurls and this makes us have to focus on conducting a search for either of the two regions of the game, Monsdtadt being the region that usually has more spawning points, however and despite indicating here some it is necessary to consider that not all of them are described here because we have not found all of them to date.


  •  To find the spawn points it is necessary to take a look at the map because the Hilichurls mobs usually appear every day.
  • We can create a farm route where we can access and hit it as many times as we consider necessary for each week.
  • There are dense areas where Hilichurls are likely to spawn and it is around the Terrorism Guard.
  • Another place where they can be found is in the Dadaupa gorge.


 Now that you know where to find damaged masks, it's time to take a walk through the areas where Hilichurls spawn and find them, as it is an interesting and necessary task that we are allowed to do in Genshin Impact.

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