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We have made for you a Spellbreak guide explaining where to drop in the Hollow Lands

What do the Hollow Lands in Spellbreak have for us?

  This is a game that has taken care of us a bit and knowing where to drop in the Hollow Lands is simply a necessary task because they have portals and mana vaults, for this it is necessary to be attentive to the choice of our launch portal It is necessary to have skills and limitations of our class, because with this it is possible to drop into some areas that can become complex, whether we are a Toxicologist or a Tempest.

  Knowing where to drop in the Hollow Lands is emerging as a challenge, as it is necessary to consider being extremely careful with stone shapers as they can become extremely dangerous in Spellbreak, so in the first instance it is better to choose to go loot, in addition to have the possibility of opting for the accumulation of deaths.
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Where to drop in the Hollow Lands in Spellbreak?

 To achieve this goal, it is necessary to plan strategies that allow us to drop without suffering any kind of inconvenience, for which we have detailed these options:

 Execute a high-kill launch strategy.

 This tactic necessary to know where to drop in the Hollow Lands can be done from the beginning, because this is where we have more possibilities to observe mana vaults and portals, as well as some number of interesting objectives, to achieve it it is necessary to land in a place that It can be relatively close to a vault since they are phenomenal places and this is because there is the possibility of getting some amount of chests, we only need to loot about 3 or 4 getting a belt, a rune and a secondary glove to be able to go for the vault finally.

 Our work to know where to drop in the Hollow Lands allows us to have the possibility of eliminating some number of enemies, in the same way looting as much as possible, because here it is possible to find some number of interesting elements, especially because we start with totally scarce equipment , this is an excellent option that we can run throughout the game in Spellbreak.

 Locate the epic chest.

 Without a doubt, knowing where to drop in the Hollow Lands can become somewhat complex and for this it is necessary to find the locations of the epic chests, as this allows us to have a little more ease when launching, because here it is necessary to use some power-ups to go to their respective locations on the map in Spellbreak, as it is necessary to find them since we are in search of scrolls and this makes us participate in some combats.

 These are the places where we can drop into the hollow lands in Spellbreak.


  •  Dustpoll.
  • Timberrend.
  • North March.
  • Rubi Grove
  • Bogmore Castle.
  • For Halcyon Center.


 Containment of Dustpool.

 It is necessary to understand that you do not necessarily have to go through the chests directly, we must choose to fall on the left side to take some loot, since getting loot is an interesting and very useful strategy when it comes to knowing where to drop in the Lands Hollow, because this place may contain other players who are fighting for the epic chest which leads us to have to eliminate them, because clearly on the Spellbreak map it is possible to see the epic chest and obviously some player is there concentrated, then definitely go to Dustpool is synonymous with starting on the right foot as there is some very useful equipment available.

Go to Timberrend.

 This is another interesting place with many vaults, a detail that makes it attractive to many players and for which it is possible to consider it a favorite, since it is necessary to drop into the epic chest that actually has between 3 and 4 chests, because they are It is necessary to access since normally these usually contain enough loot, with this we start an interesting fight, to land in this place it is only necessary to mobilize a little to the south of the map, where we can observe an ideal fight to fight, because the houses in this area are They are destroyed, which could give us footing to know where to drop in the Hollow Lands.

The Northmarch Pass.

 This is another fantastic place in Spellbreak, it has a chest close enough to the house, and it has some considerable amount of loot, as it is necessary to locate this area in our quest to know where to drop in the Hollow Lands, to land here is It is necessary to locate ourselves a little to the northwest of the map, because it is out of the way, it is a place where we have the possibility of accumulating some amount of bodies, as it is one of the best places where we can drop.

 Now that you know where to drop in the Hollow Lands, it's time to give it a try, as Spellbreak has many interesting places where it is possible to get a lot of loot.

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