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With our Raid Shadow Legends guide you will learn more about how to find charms.

What to know about the charms in Raid Shadow Legends?

With the arrival of the new update we have the arrival of daily missions with which we will obtain rewards as we progress in these, the amulets are very useful for the creation of a team between 5 or 6 stars and even legendary with greater power, in this time we are going to rely on the content of this guide to know how to find charms, being necessary that we pay attention to the following content.

How to find charms in Raid Shadow Legends?

We have that with the new advanced tab we will be able to see the different missions that are available, being the only way for us to find the amulets, for which the events, tournaments and other tasks will give us as a reward for these, being the key daily missions.

  • Accuracy Amulet: We find them in daily missions and this is used to have 50 percent accuracy
  • Resistance amulet: through the missions found, we find it and it acts with 50 percent resistance
  • Critical Damage Charm - Found in Daily Quests and offers 50 percent Critical Damage
  • Critical Rate Charm: We have 50 percent critical rate and we get it in daily missions
  • Speed ​​charm: We will have with this a possible increase of 50 percent of the speed and we find it in the daily missions
  • Defense amulet: we place it in the daily missions and with this we will be able to increase our defensive possibilities by 50 percent
  • Charm of attack: the percentage of attack is increased by 50 percent and we get it in daily missions
  • HP amulet: in the daily missions we will find it and with this we obtain 50 percent more HP
  • Boots amulet: the chances of finding boots are increased x2 and we get this amulet in daily missions.
  • Chest amulet: we will find it in the daily missions and it will give us twice the opportunity to find a chest
  • Gauntlet amulet: the options to find gauntlets are multiplied x2 and it is obtained in daily missions
  • Shield amulet: with this we have increased the chances of obtaining a shield and the amulet is found in daily missions
  • Helmet amulet: found in daily missions and will help us increase the options to get a helmet
  • Weapon amulet: the chances of obtaining a weapon are increased and the amulet is in daily missions
  • Strange amulet: it allows us to obtain greater rarities and this we find in events
  • Rank amulet: we are going to find it in events and with this it is possible to have a better chance of getting higher ranks.

This is how we finish our guide on How to find charms, hoping that you can get the best out of Raid Shadow Legends, a fairly busy game.

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