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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-25 05:44:38

More about: Rocket League

Rocket League has arrived and with it many tasks, only today we are going to tell you how to link accounts to Epic Games, let's see.

  The combination between speed and playability has never been so perfect, because the freedom with which we are allowed to do it here is simply interesting, because we are facing the possibility of preparing and playing a football game where it is not so chaotic since we are before the beginning again of the first season, counting with it on the one hand some cosmetics and on the other hand a rocket pass.

  This game has allowed us the opportunity to know how to link accounts to Epic Games with the accounts of the same on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam, since the main idea of this is to achieve considerable multiplatform progress of Rocket League, to such point that this can become free.
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How to link accounts to Epic Games in Rocket League?


  •  You need to visit rocketleague.com/enable.
  •  Then select to log in under the Epic Games logo.
  • Enter our Epic Games account, (create it if you do not have it)
  • Then it is necessary to connect our PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam accounts.
  • Then we select next.
  • We proceed to choose our Primary platform.


 Carrying out this process allows us to know how to link accounts to Epic Games, in addition to achieving progress in our profile to transfer games to any platform that is connected in our inventory and thus achieve competitiveness in Rocket League, it is even possible to get the Wheel of EG of the helicopter.


 It is necessary to know some details that may be interesting in Rocket League:


  •  The first season has a start date of September 23.
  • The first season features a Rocket Pass, Ranks, Competitive Tournaments, and Challenges.
  • It is necessary to obtain the credits, tokens and exclusive items of the platform in advance, since they will not be available in Epic Games.
  • The credits and tokens that we have purchased will be available for the platform for which we have purchased them.


How to choose the primary platform to link Epic Games account?

  •  It is necessary to establish our main platform after linking our Rocket League accounts at Epic Games.
  • The primary platform is the one in which we have played the most.
  • It is only possible to choose the platform where we have the highest range of experience and inventory.

 Now that you know how to link accounts to Epic Games, it's time to get ready to try it, as we can get some more progress on Rocket League.

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