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Craftopia: How To Catch Animals

2020-09-17 09:56:44

Craftopia is a very lively game and that will lead us to discover How to catch animals.

What to know about the animals in Craftopia?

There are a number of things that we can do in this game that are vital to our progress in it, among them are crafting, hunting, agriculture and more, but we also have the fact of being able to catch animals, something that is inspired by Pokemon by presenting the same mechanics for it, which makes it necessary to know how to catch animals and is the following that we are going to see in the content of this guide, let's continue.

How to catch animals in Craftopia?

It is necessary that we find an animal and that we lower our health by up to 30 percent with attacks, we will notice it through the pink health bar that this one has, it is important that we avoid going to run away, then it is necessary that we have A Monster Prism to launch, we obtain this by creating it on a stone workbench with iron ingots x3 and sand x2, in this way it is possible to have it to launch it to the animal, which will allow us to control any animal in the game , there are times when many prisms will be necessary so we must seek to have several, the purpose of catching the animals is that with them it will be possible to get batteries, by using them in a generator, where said animal will be in the Generator wheel, taking into account that their energy runs out and larger animals may be more important for this, which will make it necessary to improve the premiums.

Finally, now that we are aware of How to
catch animals we can move forward more clearly on Craftopia.

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