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Guide to learn how to fast travel in Demon's Souls

  Demon’s Souls is a remake that, thanks to Bluepoint Games, has remade it from scratch and released for PS5 as a launch title when it was originally intended for PS3 but this was not as much as the new version of this year. The remake features a complete graphical overhaul and tons of small improvements and enhancements, but it retains the core gameplay that former players are familiar with and among those mechanics is fast travel. That said, in this guide we'll focus on how to fast travel and avoid making mistakes in the process.

How to fast travel in Demon's Souls?

Fast travel can be very beneficial when it comes to going from one place to another and they are quite far away, but you should know that there are restrictions that can be difficult to solve.
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    For example: you cannot fast travel from the Touchstones spread over each level. These only have the ability to return to the central area of the game, the Nexus.

    To accomplish this, you will need to travel back to the Nexus and then interact with Archstone linked to whatever area you wish to travel to. Then select the touchstone in that area you would like to travel and immediately spawn in that area instead of having to play all over the area again.

    This method turns out to be a bit annoying when you are trying to get to a specific area fast or you just want to travel earlier in an area more quickly. But you should know that despite everything, this system does not require any resources for its use, and the loading times to return to the Nexus and then to its area of choice are very short.

      Now that you know how to travel fast in Demon's Souls you can move from one place to another on the map by following our tips for it. Luck!

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