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Angel Marquez
2020-11-20 15:12:22

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In the Demon's Souls universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to defeat Armoured Spider and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about Armoured Spider in Demon's Souls?

We have that with the arrival of the Remake of this 2009 game we will notice the updated graphics, we will also visualize the difficulty that this brought with it, among which we have the confrontation with one of the most prominent bosses, it is Armoured Spider, which we find In the grounds of Smithing, region 2 of the game, certainly getting to where it is not difficult but it is ideal to know how to defeat Armoured Spider and that is what we will see covered in the following content.
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How to defeat Armoured Spider in Demon's Souls?

The incendiary bombs and the pine resin we must rule out using it against this boss, this is due to its resistance to fire, but the magic will be effective, it is necessary that we dodge the attacks and that we always be at a short distance from it, Being the beginning with a spell arrow, even the melee is a very viable option and more if we use with Sticky White Slime on the weapons, which will result in an enchantment on the weapons, which allows us a direct focus on the melee and considering the hidden health protectors, if we want to avoid the attacks of the Armoured Spider we must be close to the face, managing to avoid the sweeps of their attacks with the help of the shield, taking into account that it uses an attack where he hits a leg on the ground and we must dodge for our safety.

 This boss is capable of using cobwebs, so if he catches us he will delay us, but to highlight his attacks is the flammable black tar, covering the entire place of the battle prior to lighting, to avoid this we must Running to the entrance before the flames reach us, failing to do so is certain death, the high difficulty will always be present during the game, so our skills and more will be our support if we are to complete it.

 This is how we end our guide on How to defeat Armoured Spider, hoping that you can get the best out of Demon's Souls such a busy game.

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