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Our tour of Demon's Souls allows us to show you how to find monumental.

What is the monumental in Demon’s Souls?

  These are simply a body that is sitting vertically, as this usually occurs once we have managed to defeat the first boss known as Phalannx, although it is true when we start this search we are not told what it is, little by little we go breaking things down a little more until we reach our goal, since our progress usually depends on it.
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    How to find monumental in Demon's Souls?

    This search leads us to hear from the Maiden in black the option The Monumental awaits you upstairs, it does not offer us any other type of detail or even how to be prepared to face it, so we embark on this journey for which it is necessary to choose by heading upwards through the stairs that are on the outside, this leads us to the arch so that we manage to enter and continue our journey through a narrow staircase to climb once more, so that we finally managed To reach an opening on the right side, it is necessary to be careful with the details because it is possible to miss.

    The opening to which we managed to reach leads us to a viewpoint where it is possible to contemplate the view of the rest of the Nexus, which allows us to look at the large statue in such a way that this indicates that we are in the right place, because in this sense It is necessary to turn left to choose to take a note of some collapsed bodies that are located against the wall, since specifically it is necessary to approach the one who is sitting vertically, once this has happened it is necessary to talk with the Monumental and wait to pass the cut scene as this usually gives way to other tasks such as unlocking the other Arches in the Nexus

     Definitely, knowing how to find monumental is an interesting task because it allows us to progress in other objectives that are key in Demon's Souls

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