Lidia Rozo
2020-11-25 07:11:52

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Demon's Souls has arrived and that is why today it is convenient to tell you how to get Stone of Ephemeral Eyes

What is Stone of Ephemeral Eyes in Demon's Souls?

  This is undoubtedly an interesting and necessary object, especially since there is a limited number of them, which can allow us to have the possibility of cultivating them, allowing us to get them because here it is possible to move like a human as a soul and defeat to a chief for whom it is possible to make use of these stones to choose to recover the human aspect, so knowing how to obtain the stone with ephemeral eyes is a necessary task since it allows us to take control of our body.
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How to get Stone of Ephemeral Eyes in Demon's Souls?

 There are three particular ways to get this stone and these are the options:

 San Urbano and the Black Ghost: it is necessary to find San Urbano only that this can happen after having managed to defeat the judge, where we get Patches the hyena waiting to jump into the well, but then we get San Urbano to inform us that there is a black ghost that is blocking the exit, in such a way that we will have to think about killing him to choose to get Stone of Ephemeral Eyes, however, we kill Urban and each time we choose to reload the area we will see that the ghost will spawn again.

Leaving the ghost alive can be an option only that this makes us have to take it to the Nexus in Demon's Souls to kill it there and that in this way it can spawn, but at this point it is necessary to be clear that killing Urbain makes us change our tendency to pure black, if we do not want this to happen in this way, then we avoid killing it and we will only hit it a little to make it hostile because this also helps us to find Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.

Buy ephemeral eyes to the dirty merchant woman: this is another option that we get in Demon's Souls, here it is important to consider that the value of the stone usually increases according to our level, so before making a purchase it is necessary to make sure Have the requirements since this woman is located at 5-1 and 5-2 in the Valley of Desecration, it is only possible to buy this stone from her being in soul form.

Eliminating plague babies: this is our last alternative in the process of knowing how to get Stone of Ephemeral Eyes, as this leads us to do it in the form of a soul, in such a way that it is possible to choose to create plague babies in 5 -3 in the Valley of Desecration so that it is possible to run to the swamp and cut them avoiding being infected by the plague.

 In this sense, knowing how to get Stone of Ephemeral Eyes is a necessary task that makes us occupy ourselves for some time, so you can choose to perform any of the options mentioned here to get it in Demon's Souls