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2020-11-26 08:07:29

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We welcome you to our Demon's Souls guide where we will talk about How to find Patches The Hyena.

What to know about Patches The Hyena in Demon's Souls?

It is one of the characters that we will find in the game, it turns out that this was initially seen in Armored Core, it certainly turned out to be a character with a lot of recurrences when found in the first and third games of this Dark Souls, being known at that time by Pate, but this one came now for this edition and it turns out that it is not the same as the titles mentioned before, let's see what advantages we get from knowing how to find Patches The Hyena, let's continue with the following details.

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How to find Patches The Hyena in Demon's Souls?

This we are going to find for the first time in the Stonefang 2-2 tunnel, all this seems to be according to how we have progressed through the 5 worlds of the game, this arriving at an object that is under a Bear to gain access, having thus by patches returning to the Nexus, in this way we will have it with an important asset and merchant that gives us access to the purchase of some vital objects such as the Full Moon Herbs, heavy arrows, and the bow fragments, even the fragrant ring of a whopping consisting of 60,000 souls in Demon's Souls which will help us to manage to reinforce a magical character, the hyena patches we will see again later in the storm sanctuary 4-2, here it will be in a different situation, He will find himself facing a fight, in which he shows his macabre side with the dead Saint Urbain and a black ghost, which we have to eliminate to continue up the stairs and when we return we will receive a resistance ring from Gash.

We will win the bronze Umbasa trophy whether or not we kill Urbain, even if it is not correct to kill him, this is to free him from confinement thus allowing the return of the saint to the Nexus with the powerful Miracles for sale, patches will guide us to the sword magical legendary Makoto and thus get the silver trophy worthy of the sword, certainly knowing how to find hyena patches makes it a specimen but it can be very useful, so we should not leave it out, more when we are focused on the moon grass.

 We can conclude that knowing how to find Patches The Hyena is easier than thought once guided by these indications, let's just do it and continue having fun at Demon's Souls

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