Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-11-24 06:30:53

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Guide to learn how to change server in Demon's Souls

  Demon's Souls is a remake that, thanks to Bluepoint Games, has remade it from scratch and released for PS5 as a launch title when it was originally intended for PS3 but this was not as much as the new version of this year. The remake features a full graphical overhaul and tons of small improvements and enhancements, but retains the core game that fans know and love. So in this guide we will teach you how to change servers in the game.

How to change server in Demon's Souls?

The game was developed primarily to be played individually, but multiplayer doesn't seem too bad, rather it's more entertaining than you might think, especially if you decide to get into the PvP side.

While the network code for the game back in the PS3 days was decent at best, Bluepoint seems to have improved it quite a bit with the remake.
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On the other hand the latency problems do not seem to be that pronounced but even so Bluepoint has decided to allow players to decide which server they want to play on. This turns out to be very useful if you are playing at unusual hours in your own region and want to have more connections in a livelier region at the time.

First, you need to go to the title menu of the game and access the settings from there. Go to Network, then select the Server Selection option at the bottom.

From here, you can see and choose the servers available to play, along with the ping relative to where you are at the moment. Of course, if you choose to connect to a region that is far from you, your ping will be higher and you are more likely to have lag and connection issues.

If you have a good internet connection, you shouldn't have much trouble with that. However, we recommend that you choose a region closer to you.

Once you've switched servers, restart the game and try to invade or summon. Whenever you want to go back to your own region, access the settings again from the title menu to change servers.

 Now that you know how to change servers in Demon's Souls you can enjoy multiplayer without worrying about the number of players available for a good game. Luck!