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Knowing how to obtain colorless souls is an interesting activity that we must achieve in Demon's Souls

What are colorless souls in Demon's Souls?

These are a type of object that we can perfectly achieve in this game by eliminating demons but these are not so easy to find, so it is necessary to work a little before having this possibility, especially since they usually have a particular use and is that they are vital to make some special improvements, some of these souls can be achieved by just doing a single route, however, it is possible to make use of all the options that can be presented to us.

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How to get colorless souls in Demon's Souls?

There is the possibility of obtaining them when we manage to kill a boss and these allow us to have the possibility of making some improvements to the following weapons:


  •  Baby nails.
  • Bramd.
  • The Dark Silver Shield
  • The shield of the judge.
  • God's hands.
  • The runic shield.
  • The Large Brushwood Shield
  • The shield of the Tower
  • The blind.
  • Geri's stiletto.
  • Istarelle.
  • He breaks Dragon bones.
  • The great sword of the moonlight.
  • The phosphorescent pole.
  • Hiltless
  • The white bow.
  • Kris Blade.
  • The rune sword.
  • The piercing sword.
  • Makoto.


 Another option to know how to obtain colorless souls is by eliminating primitive demons in such a way that it is necessary to choose to carry out a search near the black ghost Miralda at the gates of the ticket office, on the other hand of the Ravens of the Sanctuary of Storms but these souls have a respective strong since these two require us to have to exchange them for a talisman of God or a gold mask, when we complete the murder of Mephistopheles it is possible to get two more souls, those of Biorr and Patches, only that to achieve it it is necessary to do it with a pure black character.

 Definitely, knowing how to obtain colorless souls allows us to have the possibility of trying several options, in such a way that this allows us to have primitive demons as our best bet in Demon's Souls

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