Angel Marquez
2020-11-23 07:30:46

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This time we return with a Demon's Soul guide with the objective of explaining how to get more silver.

What to know about Demon's Soul?

With the intention of achieving our purposes we have some objects that we must find, the most important being creation, improvement and weapons, but there is one that is also key and it is silver, which requires that we get to kill the penetrator in it. boletario palace, then going through this we will be able to solve How to get more silver, so let's see the content that the following text offers us.
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How to get more silver in Demon's Soul?

It is necessary that we avoid melee attacks, specifically the special one called penetrator, which we will notice the moment we see a glow on this boss's weapon, in constant movement and shooting soul arrows we must work , the firestorm can also be useful to us if we come to possess it and in open areas the use of the spear and the shield is ideal while we are moving freely, once we kill this boss we just have to approach and we will check him the soul, when obtaining it it is possible to access the purchase of a light spell or that of crudes de yuria, although if we consume it we obtain 36k.

Thus we finalize our guide on How to get more silver, hoping that you can get the best out of Demon's Soul a very busy game.