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2020-11-24 06:36:49

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Guide to learn how to invade enemies in Demon's Souls

 Demon's Souls is a remake that, thanks to Bluepoint Games, has remade it from scratch and released for PS5 as a launch title when it was originally intended for PS3 but this was not as much as the new version of this year. The remake features a full graphical overhaul and tons of little improvements and enhancements, but retains the core gameplay that former players know about. That said, we will explain the correct way to invade enemies.

How to invade enemies in Demon's Souls?

To put them in context a bit, the invasion mechanic turns out to be similar to that of Dark Souls or Bloodborne, so if you have played any of the aforementioned, this will probably be easier for you. That said, you will be able to enter other players' worlds and try to kill them and impede their progress.

Invasions will allow you to regain human form without the need for an Eye Stone. However, if you die from the environment during an invasion you will lose a level, so be careful.

All that said, to invade players you will need an item called the Black Eye Stone. You can get it from any of the black ghost NPCs in the game, like Black Phantom Scirvir in Stonefang Tunnels once you hit the pure black world trend.
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Although there are several ways to carry out the invasion, perhaps the easiest way to achieve it is by heading to the Tower of Latria.

Just before entering the boss fight against the idol of fools, you will find a black ghost NPC wielding the Baby's Nail dagger and a crossbow. The baby's nail can inflict blight on you extremely quickly, and the crossbow can make the job go fast. If you can stop her and time your dodges correctly you will see that she is one of the easiest black ghost NPCs to eliminate.

Once this enemy is defeated, you will see that it will drop the Black Eye Stone, which serves to invade your enemies using the object in any area of ​​the game and you will be paired with other players if your soul levels are close enough. The Tower of Latria is generally quite popular for invasions, while the Shrine of Storms is mainly reserved for duels.

 Now that you know how to invade enemies in Demon's Souls you will be able to invasions in the game which presents an advantage if you want to win the following battles, as long as you prepare well for it. Luck!