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2020-11-18 06:46:12

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Today we bring you a Demon's Souls guide where we are going to explain how to level up.

What to know about Demon's Souls?

Defeating the enemies in this game can fill us with souls, with which it is possible to improve a character's level, taking into account that at the beginning of the game this is not possible, but at some point, fulfilling some requirements, will be able to use the weapons and do it, now if we try to understand how to level up, the next content will be in charge of answering such questions, let's see it.

How to level up in Demon's Souls?

It is necessary that we defeat Phalanx, this will be the final boss of 1-1 in Boetarian Palace, it will be the first that we will do in the game, considering the use of fire bombs as the best way of attack in this fight , we can simultaneously hit this boss and the Hoplites, the point is that when we kill him, our return to Nexus is necessary to dialogue with the Monumental, it is an NPC that is located on the upper floor of the center, a cut will be seen in the which is focused on the awakening of the old, we can see then that we can complete 4 archipelagos that will be unlocked from here, but before that it is necessary to level up, being possible at this moment to do so.
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We will go to the main area in Nexus to speak with the maiden in black to have the notification of help to the assassins, where we are asked if we are going to look for the power of the soul, which if we choose that we will see the statistics of the character, where we can spending souls to level up on our PS5, at the beginning it is ideal to consider vitality and resistance, taking into account the benefits that this can bring us, depending on the weapons we are using these statistics will influence a lot, seeing that the Increasing damage is a precise approach, but it really depends on the player's personal judgment.

Finally, now that we know how to level up, we can move on to Demon's Souls.

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