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This time we return with a Demon's Souls guide with the aim of explaining how to invade other players.

What to know about invading other players in Demon's Souls

Through the multiplayer game it is something that we can do whenever we are online, which will place us in a duel with other players, this prevents us from having stability in the game world, when it is possible to invade and defeat the invaders to win world trend and character, getting the unlocking of special quest lines and multiplayer combat rewards, only there are some who do not like this participation, to have an idea of How to invade other players, let's closely follow the following content.

How to invade other players in Demon's Souls?

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Through the new version of Demon's Souls on PS5 it is the only option we have to use public servers, adding the PlayStation Plus subscription and the required internet connection, the game must be kept up to date with updates, using the corresponding button we will know if we meet this requirement, in that case we can go to the game icon in the start menu to enter the option to check for updates.

Once we start the game we have to on How to invade other players we will be with access to dedicated servers, entering configuration in the main menu until we reach the network option we can verify it, having the subscription to PS Plus and the internet we will be accessing the page, here we find people looking to play with friends by setting passwords for pairing, being in other countries you can choose the corresponding server, in the launch state we can switch to offline if we want to avoid playing online.

As for How to invade other players, it is necessary that we kill a Black Phantom to get a black eye stone, enemies that are in levels with Pure Black World Tendency, also independently there are some at the bottom of the elevator in The Tunnel City, it is possible that we will also find him guarding the door of the Fool's Idol boss fight in The Prison of Hope, since we obtain the black eye stone we must access it in soul form by dying while we are in body form, which can achieved if we fall from a balcony in the Nexus avoiding the loss of our progress against the White World Tendency

With this we can enter the worlds invading others in Demon's Souls from anywhere in Boletaria, this being close to the stone arch at the doors or at the beginning of the sanctuary of storms, additionally when looking for fights in the controlled environment You can get to use the black eye stone in The Ivory Tower in Latria, which will allow us to be summoned for the Old Monk boss fight.

This is all there is to know about How to invade other players, you just have to follow the instructions to achieve it in Demon's Souls

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