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Today we bring you a Demon's Souls guide where we will explain how to rescue Yuria the witch.

What to know about Demon's Souls?

Throughout our journey we come to meet many secondary missions, where most require the rescue of characters because they are locked in the five arches that we must overcome, when we get to free them they will be returning to the Nexus and they will sell us objects that They will be of great value for our performance in the game, now it is ideal that we talk about How to rescue Yuria the witch, one of these cases, then let's see what comes next.
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    How to rescue Yuria the witch in Demon's Souls?

    Before we achieve the rescue in Demon's Souls we have to have progressed against 2 bosses of Boletaria, Phalanx and the knight of the tower, also defeat the 3 in another place, in Stonefang being the most suitable, which allows us to obtain Some objects that are required for this task, it is necessary to pass beyond the fog gate and for this we have to beat the dragon god, thus entering 1-3, where the iron keychain and the official cap are found, As for How to rescue Yuria the witch we have that this last object allows us to deceive the officer to give us access to the stairs, there are additionally in this remastered edition more clothes alluding to the officer, being in the Ticket Office and Stonefang, thus the next:


    •  Officer Cap: this is found in 1-3 to loot the fat officer on the parapets with the invisible assassin archers.
    • The Officer Gloves: found in 2-1 at the top of the scaffolding above a lever that gives access to the door to the Stonefang level.
    • The Officer Clothes: in 2-2 it is found once the mine carts explosion has passed and next to the elevator that takes us to the Stonefang tunnel.
    • The Officer Leggings: Its location is at 2-1 before the fog gate, in a room that is filled with an explosive that is reached bypassing the lava pit.


     In 1-3 we will be able to find the iron keychain, this prior to entering the door of the arc of the knight of the tower, this keychain is necessary to access through the door that leads us to the prison that is under the castle , here we get the release of another NPC, it is Biorr of the twin fangs, this is useful for the confrontation with the penetrator, so we should not leave him locked up, after this we have to return to the tower knight's arch and we get to pass near some dogs arriving at a door, once we open it we will make a right turn to reach another door that has been added in this edition and through this we will arrive at a closed door, also at a tower in which yuria is held captive by a fat officer, when we have all the pieces of clothing on, it will come in our direction, so to solve how to rescue Yuria the witch at this moment we must remove all the clothes to the fat officer, this way we can talk to Yuria in Demon's Souls and win a bronze trophy in addition to the powerful spells that are the following:


    •  The Soul Sucker: The Maiden in the Black Demon's Soul
    • The Relief: consisting of the pureblood demon soul
    • Thirst for the soul: it is about the yellow demon and his soul
    • The Firestorm: Demon Dragon of Souls
    • The Weapon of Curse: It is about the soul of the silver demon
    • Ignite: on the soul of the hard demon

     In this way we finalize our Demon's Souls guide now you know how to rescue Yuria the witch, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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