Lidia Rozo
2020-11-18 07:02:24

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Demon's Souls has arrived and with it the possibility of knowing how to Get Past the dragon.

What is the need to beat the dragon in Demon's Souls?

  It should be noted that this game allows us to get two dragons when we are prowling the first main area, one is blue and the other red, but knowing how to overcome the dragon leads us to focus specifically on looking for an option to dominate and eliminate them, since both play a game. fundamental role in our task to eliminate enemies to cross the bridge, in such a way that it is important to take care of ourselves a little avoiding being touched because we can die, but take advantage of it to cross.
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How to Get Past the dragon in Demon's Souls?

Making the dragon can do what we consider necessary is our task, especially since it is working and it is our task to ensure that it can approach the bridge, meanwhile we focus on starting to cross it, at this moment we listen to it and We proceed to turn around because it tends to throw fire, so we are not interested in burning ourselves, as this leads us to run in the opposite direction, reaching the other area and choosing to hug the wall that is located on the right side to take a Shield of Purple Fire, considering that it is not only necessary to protect ourselves from this red dragon, but also from the tail of the blue dragon because in the same way it can attack us if we stay for some time on these sides or get too close .

The ideal of this is not to last long since the red dragon at any moment has the ability to return and finish its work by sprinkling fire, so that taking the objects makes us choose to repeat this whole process or simply put it to good use. shield, as this is the most favorable since on the one hand we achieve two actions simultaneously, since the dragon will release fire burning a large number of enemies which can open the way to enter and on the other hand we avoid burning while using the shield Since it could protect us, in any case it is vital to overcome the dragon to achieve other objectives.

 Now that you know how to Get Past the dragon, it is time to try it and thus get it to eliminate some enemies which allows us to continue our journey in Demon's Souls