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2020-11-25 07:07:04

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One of the actions with which we get in Demon’s Souls leads us to explain how to find the blacksmith Ed

What is Blacksmith Ed in Demon’s Souls?

This is simply a character who usually does us a few services in this game because we require weapons and there is no better option than a blacksmith, it is also possible to get some improvements from him, only knowing how to find the blacksmith Ed takes us to have to progress a little so that our task takes us to work a little and here we tell you exactly what you should do.
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How to find the blacksmith Ed in Demon’s Souls?

To get this blacksmith it is necessary to progress a little in this game until reaching the Stonefang Tunnel level and get this blacksmith to repair an object called Searing Demon Soul, the idea is that Ed can make them unique weapons of the boss, but To make this happen, it will first be necessary to embark on other activities since Ed will not accept it without any change, in such a way that it becomes necessary to kill the head of the Armed Spider and get the Searing Demon Soul from the Flamelurker boss.

Eliminate the Flameluerker boss: this is a necessary task to complete our objective about How to find the blacksmith Ed, as this makes us have to keep our shield up all the time, The Purple Flame shield simply allows us to have some extra protection against this boss, we can also count on the possibility of choosing to combine them using the flame resistance ring and this is because this boss usually makes attacks with flames, on the other hand, we may receive some hits at a certain time since it works a kind of window but this is not an impediment to hit each time it makes an attack, in this sense, it is important to be attentive and choose to use a long-range weapon to attack it without stopping using the purple shield, with it, it is possible to beat him.

Defeat the armored spider: this is another necessary task to get Ed to work for us in Demon’s Souls, in such a way that this leads us to make use of the cloak spell, in addition to the bow, the running over tactics, as this allows to attack this boss while in the fog so that he can stop attacking us for some moment, meanwhile, we must be more intelligent than him and choose to attack him with some arrows, in the same way, it is necessary to be as attentive as possible and this It is because this boss has the ability to bomb when we are in the tunnel, which leads us to have to choose to dodge so that this allows us to get closer to this boss a little and then get closer to somewhere when he is around. about to shoot us.

Our job for this fight is to be properly equipped, either with weapons for close combat, simply the Purple Flame shield to mention a few elements, the idea is to stay close to the body of this boss avoiding being crushed and in such a way that we can attack him until he is defeated, once this has been achieved, the work of returning to Ed is coming, for which it is necessary to bring the Searing soul and he will accept that we can count on his services.

 Now that you know how to find the blacksmith Ed it's time to embark on this quest, opting to do some fighting in Demon’s Souls.