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2020-11-24 06:34:48

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Guide to learn how to send messages in Demon's Souls

 Demon's Souls is a remake that, thanks to Bluepoint Games, has remade it from scratch and released for PS5 as a launch title when it was originally intended for PS3 but this was not as much as the new version of this year. The remake features a full graphical overhaul and tons of little improvements and enhancements, but retains the core gameplay that former players know about. That said, we will explain how to send messages correctly in the game.

How to send messages in Demon's Souls?

The online multiplayer mode of Demon's Souls has certainly brought a lot of surprises compared to the original version that came out for PS3 and among those things is the ability to leave rather cryptic messages for other players when you explore the world.

That function is also present when you play online, you will be able to see the messages that other players left on the ground. Most of the time these will lead you to useful items or even area shortcuts that you might miss if you were playing offline.

If you find something useful hidden in the world, you can also leave your own messages to help other players.

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If we compare it with a similar game that in this case would be Dark Souls, you don't need a special element to leave messages. You can do it after completing the initial level and reaching the Gates of Boletaria.

Choose the Messages option and you can compose a message by choosing a template and some word options. Once you have made your choice, confirm your selection and your message will be left on the ground from where you are.

If you see that you received a message in your inbox, you can read it by pressing X, and also press left or right on the touch panel to vote for or against. If your own message receives a positive vote and it turns out that you are playing at that moment, you will be cured.

  Now that you know how to send messages in Demon's Souls you can have better communication with your friends or other players who are with you. Luck!

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