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2020-11-24 06:37:25

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With this article we are going to tell you how to beat the Tower Knight in Demon's Souls, so pay attention.

Who is the Tower Knight in Demon's Souls.

It is one of the bosses that you will have to face in the game, it is huge and very powerful so it is normal that you wonder how to beat the Tower Knight, which in this article we are going to tell you.
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How to beat the Tower Knight in Demon's Souls.

About how to beat the tower knight in Demon's Souls the first thing you have to know is that after finishing with Phalanx, you will find Tower Knight a little further ahead, so go ahead a bit until you find the boss and some archers at the end of the path that you will have to kill as fast as possible if you want to avoid dying fast.

When you finish with them you will see a fog gate in a straight line that will take you directly to the fight with the head of the tower. By accessing it you will find some archers that you will have to kill again first. Luckily they are in places where the boss will have a hard time reaching you, just make sure you move fast.

After eliminating all the archers you can face Tower Knight in a projectile battle or you can approach the boss, both are equally viable, so we are going to tell you how to beat the tower knight in Demon's Souls in either of the two ways.

How to beat the tower knight in Demon's Souls - Projectiles.

If you decide to go for a projectile battle we recommend casting spells with a bow or crossbow to shoot Tower Knight from afar. The key here is to find a spot on the balconies where you can hit the boss and he can't hit you easily.

Keep in mind that it will be important to position yourself very well since you can only attack when the Tower Knight is charging a projectile attack, at which point the boss will move the shield out of the way and that is when you have to take your photo. Just be sure to find a spot on the wall that won't block your shot.

You could also position yourself where the archers were, it will be more risky but this position will allow you to have more clarity when shooting and you will have the possibility to roll back and dodge after attacking.

We recommend aiming for the head and ankles until it falls and you manage to get the Iron Demon Soul.

How to beat the knight of the tower in Demon's Souls - Physical.

For the physical battle one of the attacks you have to watch out for is the spear strike attack, which does a great deal of damage and knocks you down for a long time and even though you can almost always get up and run away, the best It will be to stay as far away from it as possible so as not to be reached.

Again make sure to eliminate all the archers first, if they fall to the ground kill them and dodge the boss, for archers we recommend using a strong attack and then a weak one.

After finishing with them you will have to face the boss positioning yourself from behind and a little next to his legs.

Being in this position, the boss will use a stomp that is quite easy to dodge, he will also jump backwards that is also used to get away from you, possibly also use an area of ​​effect attack that you can easily dodge but if it hits you you will it will take a lot of life.

After the AOE attack begins with Tower Knight raising his shield and then hitting it against the ground to generate an energy blast.

Avoid the boss attacks while you attack straight to the ankles until the boss falls back and when she is on the ground you can use your strongest attacks directly to her head.

As with the missile strategy it should take you two or three cycles to achieve victory.

 That's all you have to know about how to beat the Tower Knight in Demon's Souls, we hope that our guide has been of the greatest possible use to you and that you have managed to beat this boss quickly. Remember that like this guide on how to beat the Tower Knight, we have much more content about Demon's Souls that will be very useful to you.