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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-11-18 14:47:45

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If you came to this article then you are one of the users wondering how to level up your soul in Demon's Souls, luckily for you we have it all

What is Demon's Souls about.

This is the third-person action role-playing video game developed by the Japanese studio From Software exclusively for PlayStation 3 users in 2009. However, now it has just been announced on PS5, many users will want to know how to raise the level of their weapons.
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How to level up your soul in Demon's Souls.

In order to level up your weapons, you will certainly have to work hard enough and go a long way to unlock this ability. Specifically, you will have to advance enough to kill Phalanx, the first boss of the game, and that you will find at the end of the Gates of Boletaria area.

After finishing him, you will have to return to the Nexus and speak with the Maiden in Black, who will grant you the ability to increase your soul level. In case you cannot find the Donsella you will have to leave and re-enter.

To increase the level of your weapons you will have to use souls, souls that you obtain by defeating enemies to increase one of your main statistics.

Keep in mind that as you level up your weapons, the more souls you will spend.

 So we finish this guide on how to level up your soul in Demon's Souls we hope that now that you know how to level up, you can do it quickly and get as many souls as possible for it.

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