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Among Us: How to install on Mac

2020-09-18 10:53:27

Many users still do not know how to install Among Us on Mac, so here we will tell you how to do it.

What is Among Us about.

The title belongs to the online multiplayer party mode video game developed by InnerSloth and which was released on June 15, 2018 on PC, although with the arrival of the game to Android and iOS mobile devices recently, many users have tried to figure out how to install on Mac.

How to install Among Us on Mac.

Even though the game is not available on Mac, you can play it if you install Windows on your Mac device using Boot Camp Assistant.

For this, the first thing you have to do is download the Windows 10 ISO file and add it to the destination location, then you will have to place a USB memory with at least 5 GB of available space and disconnect any other external storage device.

Go to Utilities> Boot Camp Assistant> check the Download the latest Windows support software for Apple checkboxes> Install Windows> go to the downloaded ISO file and select the USB stick> create a hard drive partition, one for MacOS and another to install Windows.

You can give Windows as much space as you want, but we recommend no less than 20GB.

Follow the instructions and once the installation is finished, you will have to download Stam on the Windows partition to later download Among Us from the Store.

The installation process itself seems complicated, but after downloading the ISO, the rest is cutting and cooking because the rest is quite simple and it is worth doing to install both this and other applications not available but only in Windows.

 Now that you know how to install Among Us on Mac, we hope that you will be able to install the game quickly and be able to start playing as soon as possible on your Mac device. Remember that we have a lot of content about this game that will be very useful and we recommend that you review .

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