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Nvidia RTX 3080: How to Buy

2020-09-18 10:42:44

Today we have made this Nvidia RTX 3080 guide to tell how to buy, let's see.

Why buy Nvidia RTX 3080?

  This is a new generation of graphics cards and it tends to be much more powerful, because here it will be possible to have 68 second-generation TR cores in terms of the graphics processor, which makes us more curious to know how to buy, where the memory and the speeds are definitely fantastic, it is available for sale starting today so the existing ones will most likely be limited for a few months after this launch and it is expected to be sold quickly.

How to buy Nvidia RTX 3080?

It is necessary to consider some details that may become interesting before opting for the purchase itself and they are the following:


  •     Nvidia's Founder`s Edition is available for $ 699.
  •     On the other hand, it is necessary to understand that the partners and AIB will have it above said value, which represents 20 to 150 dollars more expensive.
  •     Retailers like Best Buy, Newegg or Amazon have their pages for the 3080 card so you can reserve it.
  •     B and H Photo retailers also have the cards in stock.
  •     Mobilize to the west coast of the United States to buy it.


It is necessary to understand that this card is barely being launched today which can simply take some users under pressure, however, it is necessary to think with a cool head and without so much prose since little by little it is possible to hope that the doors can open and buy it later when some users have already tried it.

In one way or another, knowing how to buy Nvidia RTX 3080 puts us at the forefront because it is simply a unique graphics card that will make us feel the speed in a particular way.

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