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Angel Marquez
2021-01-19 14:21:13

More about: Windows 10

Today we bring you a guide to Windows 10, in which we are going to guide you on How to fix error code 0x80070490.

What to know about Windows 10?

There is for some reason the presence of errors in the operation of our operating system, one of them that we must know is the error 0x80070490, which occurs for different reasons, where the update of both Windows and applications stands out, now it is necessary that we know how to fix error code 0x80070490 at the time it is presented, let's look at the details below.

What to know about error code 0x80070490 in Windows 10?

Among the causes of this error are antivirus, synchronization problems and corrupt files, specifically we have to want to update Windows to the latest version we have this error code, certainly omitting it can be an option, but it is not recommended, despite accepting recent applications if updating, there are some solutions that we can apply to solve How to fix error code 0x80070490, you just have to look carefully at the following.

How to fix error code 0x80070490 in Windows 10?

The antivirus: sometimes a restriction by the antivirus is presented in the system, which can be the cause of this error in Windows 10, so to see if this is the cause of it, the antivirus must be deactivated to solve How to repair the code error 0x80070490, you just have to deactivate it and check if the error persists, if there is still other options to consider.
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Local account with administrator privileges: one of the options to consider in Windows 10 is the creation of an account to which the administrator privileges must be assigned, which will allow us to perform the system update, now by doing this to search see How to repair error code 0x80070490 we must avoid data loss and for this we create the account on the device, assign all the privileges, transfer the files to this new account and delete the old account and then start the session, then if the login is done correctly we will be able to try to do the update, and we will see if this error code still exists.

The update troubleshooter:
this time we have to use the troubleshooter, it is a tool that brings with it the Windows 10, which is responsible for making some corrections to the system, it can even help us with how to repair the Error code 0x80070490, now to execute them we are going to go to the system configuration to look for the update and security option, when entering here you have to enter where the troubleshooting is indicated, reaching Windows Update and accessing here we get to the solver of problems executing it, we will see a dialog on the screen and the instructions to follow, when all this reaches the end we will do a system restart, with what possibly know if it is possible to update our Windows.

System file checker scan: it is necessary at this point to go with the system tools that turn out to be more advanced in Windows 10 in order to solve the error code 0x80070490, it is about the SFC scan being necessary to have the command line with administrator privileges, without it, it will not be possible to do so, then it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  • Press start
  • In the window we write cmd
  • Once the command symbol appears we give the right mouse button
  • We choose to run as administrator
  • We will see another window in relation to the system where we are going to write sfc / scannow
  • We give you enter
  • We will see that the scanning process begins and at the end the results are displayed on the screen, the duration of this process is at least 20 minutes
  • Here the corruption of the CBS store can be presented among the details, which will lead us to execute the command in the window, this being Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth, now if the error does not appear it is not necessary to do it
  • Wax the window once the cleaning process is complete
  • We press Windows R and the run window opens
  • Here we write services.msc, and we give it enter
  • We look for the update option, and we click the right mouse button
  • We choose to reboot for the device
  • We finally check if we can do the update

Finally, now that we know how to fix error code 0x80070490, it is possible to return to the optimal operation that Windows 10 offers us.

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