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2021-07-01 11:50:20

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We welcome you to our Windows 11 guide, where we will talk about the system requirements.

What to know for Windows 11?

 Among the features that are presented in this operating system we have that there is an important approach for the players, which makes it interesting and necessary that we know what the system requirements are and in this guide we will know everything we need about it, we just have to follow the content following.

What are the system requirements on Windows 11?

 The minimum we should have in system requirements for Windows 11 is the following:

  •  64-bit 1GHz processor with 2 cores or better
  • TPM Trusted Platform Module (TPM) ver 2.0
  • 4GB RAM
  • UEFI System Firmware with Secure Boot Capability
  • Graphics (GPU) Supports WDDM 2.0 driver
  • DirectX DX 12
  • 9-inch monkeys, 1280x720p with 8 bits per color channel
  • Internet for updates

 It is necessary to check the status of our PC with the Windows 11, taking into account that having the system requirements is the main thing but even so there is much to reach the optimal functioning of the system, to see if our PC is compatible we will do what following:

  •  We download the Microsoft PC Health Check software officially through the link
  • We install it on our PC or laptop
  • We check it as soon as we open it
  • We proceed to the confirmation if our PC is optimal for the updates of Windows 11
  • If it cannot support them, it cannot be executed, but this can be solved as long as we have the system requirements

 We have the Windows 11 TPM 2.0, which turns out to be a cryptoprocessor, this will make our system tamper-proof, this being through BitLocker, the PINs and Windows Hello biometrics and the prevention of manipulation of the PC hardware, in the case of games based on games, there is a safer boot through the BIOS configuration, only that it will depend on the version that we have of TPM as system requirements, to check and enable TPM 2.0 we will do the following:
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  • We press Windows R
  • We write or paste the command tpm.msc in the run dialog box
  • A TPM management window appears
  • We check the version, being the minimum 1.2 or the necessary 2.0
  • If we do not have it enabled, it will not appear


 When the TPM does not appear, we must turn it on from the BIOS, only that it will depend on the motherboard or the brand of our laptop, but looking to have Windows 11 and with the correct system requirements we will do the following:


  •  Enter the BIOS of our system
  • Locate the TPM or PTT button in the UEFI
  • If it is not displayed, we enter the Advanced tab and enable it
  • We return to the desktop of our PC, and we will do the verification again
  • We must have the update available


 We find ourselves with the best-built operating system for games, where its capabilities and features on PC and Xbox are the way to the perfect experience, among the features to highlight for games we have the following:


  •  Auto HDR: an adjustment is made automatically having a monitor or television that has HDR compatibility, something that will be done for all the games that we have in our system, this works automatically, on consoles such as Xbox Series X and S is available, now the feature will be on PC with this version of Windows.
  • Direct storage: it is part of the Xbox Velocity architecture, which is in Xbox Series X and Series S, where games will now load faster on Windows with better performance, accessing maps and textures very quickly, on an SSD from version 11 of Windows with direct storage the loading speed will be similar as it happens in the Xbox versions, improving the speed in every way compared to Windows 110.

Now that you know the system requirements, just apply them and have fun with how innovative Windows 11 turns out to be.

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