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This time we return with a guide to Windows 10, aiming to explain how to delete a partition.

What to know about Windows 10?

Despite having an application from this operating system, we have that in some cases the operation is not as expected in terms of volumes and partitions, but it is possible that through the use of CMD or Windows PowerShell it can be created, removed and get to manage them, there are tools that exist to work the partitions, but these represent a cost, to have an idea of how to eliminate a partition we will see in the following content an approach to the necessary details to consider, let's just go ahead to see what we find.

How to delete a partition in Windows 10?

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    • Go to the Windows search bar, here we write PowerShell, once it has been found we use the left mouse button to run them as administrator
    • We write Get-Volume in PowerShell, which shows us the partitions of the volumes
    • We delete the one we want by writing the command Quitr-Partition- DriveLetter E, and we give it enter
    • Taking into account that E is the partition that we want to delete and that it can be another identification letter, and we proceed to confirm

    In this way we finish our Windows 10 guide, now you know how to delete a partition, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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