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Angel Marquez
2020-12-28 14:58:32

More about: Windows 10

This time we return with a guide to Windows 10 aiming to explain how to fix stuck on the restart screen.

What to know about Windows 10?

Since the update of this operating system we have to get stuck in some way in the restart screen, certainly if we wait for it to restart, but there is a possibility that the normal process is affected by something else that causes said obstacle, this it has to do with how old our Windows Update is, what is due to automatic update, what is required to solve How to fix stuck on restart screen is a regeneration of Windows update packages from Software Distribution, this allows the verification of all those updates of the programs and software, for answers we have to see the details that come next.

How to fix stuck on restart screen on Windows 10?

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  • To open the Admin command prompt we have to press Windows X and then C
  • Here you have to write net stop wuauserv, enter so that the update service does not work in the background
  • The next thing is to write cdpor percent systemrootpor percent and with enter we get to the installation directory of the operating system
  • Next to write is ren SoftwareDistribution SD.old. Pressing enter changes the name of the operating system folder from SoftwareDistribution to SD.old, making a backup, if it fails just by going to C: WINDOWSSoftwareDistribution it is possible to return to the original name or delete the data that the folders have about SoftwareDistribution and Installation downloaded.
  • To restart the update service, type net start wuauserv to enable updates on the system.

In conclusion, knowing How to fix stuck on restart screen allows us to get to the correct operation in Windows 10, so we must follow the steps indicated in this guide.

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