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2021-03-12 08:47:35

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The failures are usually recurrent in Windows 10 and therefore it is convenient to tell you How to fix the 5 GHz WiFi does not appear

What is the 5GHz WiFi not showing up on Windows 10 error?

This is simply a failure related to our equipment and the internet connection, in this sense, knowing how to solve the 5 GHz WiFi does not appear, leads us to consider placing the compatible WiFi card, only that in some cases these failures are usually persistent which makes it frustrating, however, not everything is bad, because there is an interesting and very favorable solution that we can apply.

How to fix 5GHz WiFi Not Showing Up on Windows 10?

Before embarking directly on the possible solutions, it is pertinent to consider some details, and they are:


  •  There are two considerable differences between the 5GHz WiFi and the normal WiFi which is 2.4 GHz, these are Speed ​​and Range.
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi covers a larger area, but has a slow speed.
  • The 2.4 GHz WiFi has a maximum speed of 150 Mbps.
  • On the contrary, 5 GHz WiFi has smaller areas, but its speed is higher.
  • The 5 GHz WiFi has a speed higher than 1Gbps.


 Fortunately, knowing how to fix 5GHz WiFi Not Showing Up does not represent a very serious matter, because we have solutions to make this change and thus continue normally, for this we consider these options for Windows 10:

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Choose to verify that the computer supports 5GHz WiFi or not: this is an option to apply and for this it is necessary:


  •  Press the Windows R button
  • When the dialog box opens, execute and open "cmd prompt" then press Enter in order to open Command Prompt.
  • Next we will observe the command prompt in order to write the command "netsh wlan show drivers".
  • The properties of the LAN controller on our computer are shown below.
  • Then we must take care of looking for the supported radio types in the results.


 Get to enable the 802.11n mode in our device adapter: this is another favorable action to know How to fix 5GHz WiFi Not Showing Up and for this it is necessary:


  •  Push Windows X.
  • Then click on the "Device Manager"
  • Next we navigate in order to find the network adapters and proceed to click on them in order to locate the wireless adapter.
  • We proceed to click with the right mouse button on the adapter and press “Properties”.
  • Next, a window opens where we will go to the "Advanced" tab in order to search for the 802.11n mode and choose to click on it.
  • Then we must modify the value to "Enable" and finally "Accept".


 Check that the router supports the 5GHz bandwidth: there are some cases in which the router does not usually support it and for this it is vital to choose to corroborate it, since our performance in Windows 10 depends on it:

We must visualize the network modes:


  •  a) 802.11g 802.11n: Only supports 2.4 GHz bandwidth.
  • b) 802.11n 802.11g 802.11b: Only supports 2.4 GHz bandwidth.
  • c) 802.11a 802.11g 802.11n: Supports both 2.4Ghz and 5GHz bandwidth.


 Getting to update the WiFi drivers: this is a necessary task to execute and with it knowing how to fix 5GHz WiFi Not Showing Up for this it is necessary:

  • Choose to press Windows X in order to open the "Device Manager" and proceed to press it.
  • Then we must navigate through the "Device Manager" window in order to locate the option "Network adapters" and click on it.
  • Then we must click on the "Wireless adapter" and from there choose to click on the "Update driver software" option.
  • From the update window we get two options where it is to update the automatic controller and choose to update the manual controller, for this, all you have to do is press the "Automatic" option.
  • Then we must restart the PC and check that the system is resolved in Windows 10.


 Get to adjust the bandwidth to 5Hz through the device manager: this is another interesting and easy option to know How to fix 5GHz WiFi Not Showing Up and for this we must:


  •  Open Windows and choose to open the "Advanced wireless adapter properties" tab.
  • I agree to choose to search for the preferred band option.
  • Then we open the drop-down menu to press the option "Preferred 5GHz band" and click "OK"

 These are some favorable options to know How to fix 5GHz WiFi Not Showing Up and in this way to get Windows 10 to work normally, try it.

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