Angel Marquez
2021-01-04 08:21:32

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How to combine internet connections in Windows 10?

All the options for which we have internet can be combined, be it a wired LAN network or even by mobile, with the help of load balancing it is possible, which allows a download of the data through IP addresses, having access to each one of them by pieces at the same speed, for this we have to connect our computer to a network a numerical value is assigned by our operating system, as for how to combine Internet connections there will be different automatic values By having multiple connections, taking into account that the best of all of them is chosen by the system, now if we manage to establish the same numerical value for all connections we will see the result of the combination of these automatically in Windows 10 and for this we must do the next.


  •  We must go to the control panel from the beginning
  • We look for the Network and the Internet, and we go to the center of networks and sharing
  • Here is the connection that we have active appears, we must enter it to see the status
  • We enter the properties
  • We choose the option of internet protocol tcp / ip version 4 and enter the properties
  • Then we go to advanced and enter
  • We do automatic metric demarcation
  • Place 15 as the metric value, and we end in ok


 Applying these steps for all the connections we have that in the end we will have the same metric value in each one of them, we will only do a system restart, and we can connect to any of the networks that in turn are combined to achieve a higher speed.

There is a feature that has the name of bridge connection, which is maintained as part of the networks that are active and that we can combine in this way as well, but a minimum of 2 active LAN / WAN connections is required to use this method in terms of to How to merge internet connections in Windows 10, and we will do the following if we meet this requirement.


  •  With the start button we reach the control panel and enter
  • Here we go to the Network and the Internet to get to enter the networking and sharing center
  • Then we enter change adapter configuration
  • We choose the connections that we have active with Ctrl and the right mouse button
  • Then we enter one of the connections with the right button and enter bridge connections
  • In this way the bridge of our network has been completed

 Now that you are aware of How to combine Internet connections, choose the option of your preference and make the most of this function in Windows 10.