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2021-03-09 08:16:37

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Faults are fundamental elements in Windows 10, and therefore it is necessary to explain how to fix Yellow Tint Display Issue

What is Yellow Tint Display Issue in Windows 10?

There are several options by which we usually get ourselves with this problem, and it usually occurs both in desktop PCs and in laptops, in this sense, knowing how to solve the problem of the yellow tint screen leads us to consider some simple enough solutions, since this Failure seems to be linked to night mode, however, there are those who have deactivated it and this problem still persists, in this sense, pay attention to our simple advice because some of it has to help you and get you out of trouble in Windows 10.

How to fix Yellow Tint Display Issue in Windows 10?

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We have several options to respond to this problem, but there is a first option to execute and this is:

Choose to disable the night light configuration: With the most recent update of Windows 10 a very interesting function has been seen, but that can cause us some failures, since there is the night light whose purpose is to protect our eyes, however, the same It may show a yellowish appearance that has triggered alarms in some users, in this sense, knowing how to fix Yellow Tint Display Issue leads us to make some necessary adjustments to avoid it during the day and for this we must:


  •  Click on the Windows 10 taskbar.
  • Then we must write in the search box "Screen".
  • Then "Screen Settings" opens.
  • Our job is to click on "Change screen settings."
  • Then we will look for the option "Night light" we will touch on it in order to deactivate it and that's it.


 Eliminate night vision applications: we continue on our journey to tell you how to solve the problem of the yellow tint screen, as there are some applications on the market that can cause some interference, because although it is true they usually protect our eyesight from blue light, They also tend to bother in relation to the color of the screen, because applications such as Flux or Owl Vision simply make us have to uninstall or deactivate them, and at present they are not so feasible.

Incorporate a default color profile: this is another option that we can apply perfectly well and for this it is only necessary:


  •  Go to search panel in order to search for color management.
  • Next we choose the color management in the list of results.
  • We chose to choose the sRBG virtual device model profile on the color profiles screen.
  • Then it will be necessary to press OK.
  • Next we choose the sRBG device model profile option in the color manager window.
  • To finish, click on the option "Set as default profile".


Make adjustments related to the color enhancement configuration: Windows 10 usually presents constant updates, and they cause other problems that we find, the case of the yellow tint on the screen is one of them and for this we must consider some method that may be favorable, because to know how to solve the problem of the yellow tint screen it is necessary to choose to configure the color settings with a graphics card configuration service and for this it is worth considering:

  •  You need to right-click on desktop.
  • Then we locate "Graphics Properties".
  • Then "Screen and color improvement" which allows us to open the configuration window.

Update the graphics card driver: knowing how to solve the problem of the yellow tint screen leads us to try all the options as possible, because sometimes one of the most relevant drawbacks not only for Windows 10 but for other functionalities of a PCs are usually the graphics drivers, for which only it is necessary.


  •  Open the search bar in order to locate device manager and choose to open it.
  • Next we are shown a window with the connected devices and peripherals.
  • It is possible to observe the Ghrapic cad.
  • Next, we locate the graphics card and click the right mouse button to choose the option to update the driver.


 Take a look at the color configuration of the VDU OSDA: this is a fairly simple task, and it does not hurt, as it can solve this Windows 10 failure, because some of the options that can be reviewed are:


  •  The color temperature.
  • The color tint options.
  • The gamma.
  • Saturation.
  • The contrast.


In this sense, knowing how to fix Yellow Tint Display Issue allows us to have the possibility of being able to give the necessary use to Windows 10 and thus enjoy everything that this system allows for us.

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