Angel Marquez
2021-01-19 08:00:35

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As we progress in Everspace 2 we must know how to get more space in the inventory and here we tell you how to achieve it.

Why get more space in the Everspace 2 inventory?

As soon as we manage to advance in this game we must expand the load capacity, and it is ideal to have the necessary space to be able to place the objects that we get here while exploring, at the beginning this does not seem to have much relevance, but little by little we are realizing that it is necessary to have more space, so getting more space becomes a necessary task that we will explain below.

How to get more inventory space in Everspace 2?

The possibility of storing handmade objects is important, because as we progress we will see how necessary they are. In this sense, increasing the carrying capacity is vital because it allows us to have the option of accumulating more objects, for our good fortune this universe is abundant, it has some amount of loot that we can collect, this has a certain positive impact on the game progress.
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Asteroids, shipwrecks or bases are carriers of loot, but this loot can be reduced if we only keep the 18 storage spaces that the game comes with from the beginning, and this will make some objects such as weapons and healing objects arises necessary to keep them, it is she where it will be vital to have enough space and for this we must be able to buy cargo units, these have some rarities and precisely the largest of them is the inventory space, to acquire the cargo units it is necessary to go to the position of the "Flying Duchess".

Now that you know how to get more space in the inventory, it is necessary to take advantage of this early access of Everspace 2 and in this way take advantage of this game that allows us to collect a good amount of objects.