Daniel Hidalgo
2021-01-06 07:23:42

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If you want to know how to fix Discord microphone not working in Windows 10 pay attention, because in this article we will be covering it.

  What is the mic problem on Discord Windows 10?

This is a problem that simply prevents the microphone from working in Discord, the problem affects the vast majority of users who do not know what to do. So here we are going to tell you how to fix the Discord microphone that does not work.
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How to fix Discord mic not working on Windows 10?

To correct the microphone problem, you must intervene in the service configuration. But first you should check if all the options in the application are configured accordingly.

It will also be necessary to disconnect and plug in the microphone before doing so, if you see a green circle around your image everything should be in order, otherwise you will have to access the settings.

In the settings you should see an Input Device at the top of the application> select the drop-down menu> select the microphone> select Let's check and speak.

In case the above has not worked you will have to access "Let's check"> select "Change input mode"> configure for voice activity and do not speak.

Make sure the mic is steady by selecting Let's check again and set the input volume to the top of the slider.

Turn the microphone on and off from the sound settings at the bottom right of the screen then access the Recording tab and speak. If the green bars on the right move everything is in order.

Otherwise you will have to select the microphone with the right mouse button> Disable> then right click anywhere> select "Show disabled devices"> "Show disconnected devices"> enable the microphone again.

If you still haven't solved the problem, go to Sound Settings again> right click on the microphone> Properties> Enhancements> "Disable all enhancements"> Apply> OK.

 That's all you have to know about how to fix Discord microphone not working on Windows 10, we hope our guide has helped to solve your problem quickly and you will be able to use the microphone again without any problem.