Angel Marquez
2021-08-05 07:50:48

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This time we are back with a Windows 10 guide aiming to explain to you How to Fix Taskbar Not Hiding Properly.

What to know about the taskbar in Windows 10?


It is a communication channel in the operating system, which keeps a tab of those applications that are kept open and running, with just one click we can see different windows, we can have the management of shortcuts to applications, it is something that by default we have located at the bottom of the screen, only that we must consider an option that leads us to hide that bar, even move it, but in these moments there have been some problems with this option, which leads us to seek to see How to Fix Taskbar Not Hiding Properly, and we can help us with the following content, let's see.


How to Fix Taskbar Not Hiding Properly in Windows 10?


Certainly looking to get the most out of our screen space it is important to consider on How to Fix Taskbar Not Hiding Properly in Windows 10 some possible solutions and these are as follows. 

Click in another place: it is possible on How to Fix Taskbar Not Hiding Properly that it is enough to make a click in any part of the desktop so that we see this error in Windows 10 eliminated, then we are going to minimize everything that is running to make the test with this, we will click in another place that is not the taskbar.

The Autohide function activated: it is important that we make the check if we have in Windows 10 this function active, then to solve How to Fix Taskbar Not Hiding Properly we will go to the Windows search bar, and we will look for the taskbar, having to access the settings of this, now we will see if the option that automatically hides this taskbar on the desktop is enabled or disabled, if it is not active we must activate it, we also place that the taskbar is hidden automatically in tablet mode, if we do not get to anything we continue testing possible solutions.

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Restarting Windows Explorer: some tasks no matter how simple they are can be affected by running simultaneously Windows 10, then it can cause this problem, which will lead us on How to Fix Taskbar Not Hiding Properly make a restart of the application and for this we enter the search bar to go to the task manager, here we click to open the corresponding window, then in the tab of the processes we will enter, a list is presented where is the Windows Explorer, we enter this to choose restart and with this we can possibly solve the problem.

Permission of the applications: in some cases it becomes necessary that we check the applications, because there are notifications that require it, noticing that these are presented in the Windows 10 taskbar, without disappearing until we have checked them, then it is a possible answer to How to Fix Taskbar Not Hiding Properly, which leads us to click on the taskbar and enter configuration, here the configuration window is presented, we enter the system icon, we hit on the notifications and actions in the left pane, we will notice that there is a setting that indicates notification in the right pane, which leads us to disable the switch so that these notifications continue to be displayed, if we want them to appear again we will look to get notifications from these senders in the right pane going down, noticing with it a list of the applications that we have installed with a button next to these, then with the use of the switches are activated or deactivated.

The icon of the system tray: both applications that are running in the foreground and those running in the background, it is ideal that to solve How to Fix Taskbar Not Hiding Properly in Windows 10 we make a check of the background application or simply completely disabled, to check we go to the system icon that is in the taskbar in the right corner, is an icon of an arrow pointing up, here we will be able to see that runs in the background, when entering such notification we can make a forced exit with right-click on the mouse, to exit or end.

It is evident that knowing How to Fix Taskbar Not Hiding Properly allows us to have a better management of Windows 10.