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Definitely seems to be that Windows 10 has not been saved from failures and therefore we explain how to correct the activation error 0x80041024

Why am I being presented with error code 0x80041024 in Windows 10?

Normally failures are something common these days, because not always everything usually goes perfect, before this option it is vital to know how to correct the activation error 0x80041024 since this simply affects our work when we use computers with the Windows 10 operating system, this Error can be caused when we perform automatic updates, although it is true some claim that it works perfectly well, there are those who say that it leads them directly to the error and thus requires a product key or it is simply possible that there are corrupt files in the system.

How to fix activation error 0x80041024 in Windows 10?

We have the advantage of having more than one solution to this problem, so pay attention, as some of them can get you out of this problem.
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    Activate Windows 10 manually.

     Knowing how to correct the activation error 0x80041024 is an important task and the possibility of solving it by activating Windows manually is simple, this is done in this way:


    •  It is necessary to go to start and open the configuration where we will select Update and security.
    • Then we review the left panel to select the Activation option.
    • We move to the right panel side specifically on Update Product Key, we proceed to press Change and enter the correct product key and select next.
    • We follow the indications that the screen shows us, activate Windows 10 and that's it.


     It is important to be clear that Windows 10 requires an appropriate product key, because even though this installation process has been exactly the one indicated, we require a key, we can perform a key search and this may involve placing ourselves in direct contact with a For this, Microsoft needs to follow these instructions:


    •  We start by pressing Windows R and in the search bar and write "exe 4", press OK.
    • We proceed to select our country, press the activation button on the phone and wait to talk to an agent who will help us get the product key.
    • With the key in our possession, it is time to activate Windows 10 and end this problem.

    Check the system files.

      It is vitally important to know how to correct the activation error 0x80041024, as this allows us to make correct use of this operating system, which in some cases may contain corrupt files and this may interfere with our work, for which there is a solution and it is done this way:


    •   Press Windows R and proceed to type "cmd" then press Enter.
    • We proceed to right-click on the command prompt to choose the Run as administrator option.
    • We proceed to execute these sfc / scannow commands
    • We wait for a while while this process runs and you're done.

      Definitely understand How to correct the activation error 0x80041024 allows us to take advantage of all the benefits that Windows 10 brings to us

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