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2021-02-23 07:50:48

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This is not very common, so get comfortable because today we will tell you how to fix the Discord Lagging problem in Windows 10.

What is the Discord Lagging issue on Windows 10?

This is probably one of the most common problems that PC users can find in the digital distribution and messaging platform, it is a delay problem, which, as you will suppose, is annoying for many users.

The truth so far is that there is no specific cause to which I can attribute this problem, but several, and fortunately here we will tell you how to solve the Discord lag problem.

How to fix Discord Lagging issue on Windows 10?

As we have said before, there are several possible causes why users are facing this problem, so there are several solutions also depending on the problem. And below, we detail each solution. Just keep in mind that if you are wondering how to fix the Discord Lagging problem in Windows 10, the best thing you can do is try each solution one by one, until you find the correct one.

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The first thing we recommend you do is quite simple, in fact it applies to both games and applications and programs. If you want to avoid unnecessary use of your processor and the components of your PC in general, the best thing you can do is close all those tasks that are running in the background and that you are not really using.

For this you will have to access the Task Manager> right-click on the platform you want to close> click on End task to close it, one by one with the tasks that are not really in use.

Another option is to disable hardware acceleration.

For this you will have to access Discord> Settings> then go to Appearance> disable Hardware Acceleration to access a pop-up window on the screen> and finally select OK to proceed to restart Discord, which should correct the problem.

The next solution is as obvious as the first in this type of problem, is to make sure you have all the drivers updated to the latest version available, both graphics, audio and all that you can to avoid problems.

Another solution is to access the Run application> type the following command: devmgmt.msc> press the "Enter" key, this will allow you to access the Device Manager.

In Device Manager you will have to double-click on the audio inputs and outputs to expand the list> right-click on the audio driver> Update driver> then choose Search automatically for updated driver software and follow the steps to complete the process, which should correct the problem.

 Now that you know how to fix Discord  lag problem Windows 10 Discord, we hope our article was as helpful as possible, and you managed to find a solution to this problem as soon as possible, so go ahead. Just remember that if a solution doesn't work for you, you'll have to move on to the next one until you find the right one.

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