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Knowing how to fix broken registry items is a necessary action and to explain it we have made this Windows 10 guide.

What are log items in Windows 10?

Undoubtedly, failures are usually constant enough today and that is why it is important to know how to repair broken registry elements, because this allows us to understand that registry elements usually contain important files, since they have some vital functionalities such as They are:

  • Key storage.
  • Entries that we commonly know as log files.
  • Changes in the computer.
  • They allow to make the Windows 10 operating system work properly.

In this sense, knowing how to repair broken registry elements arises as a necessary action as we use our computer, the registry files are created as we personalize our PC and it is possible that they are not eliminated even though they may not be used, this can cause them to break, because as a product of:

  • Some abrupt shutdown.
  • A problem related to eating.
  • Some virus.
  • Faulty hardware.

How to fix broken registry items in Windows 10?

Before entering the matter, it is necessary to consider:

  • Check that the PC does not contain broken registry elements, as these tend to affect performance.
  • Broken items can cause some Windows 10 applications to not work.
  • It is possible to make use of the Windows 10 tools in order to know how to repair broken registry items.
  • Before making use of the Windows registry, it is necessary to make a backup as the mere passivity of damaging a file can present failures in the operating system.

Fortunately knowing How to repair broken registry items has a number of solutions and for this you need:

Make use of the system file checker: this is just a tool that is available to use in Windows 10, since it allows us to have the possibility of "Repair or Replace", as this allows us to analyze files that may be corrupt and in this sense is necessary:

  • We must click with the right mouse button on the start menu of Windows 10.
  • Locate the command prompt in the quick access menu.
  • Then it is necessary to write "sfc / scannow" and proceed to press Enter.

This is a process that can take around 30 minutes and in case of finding a broken element, it will proceed to inform us, because to know how to repair broken registry elements it is necessary to execute SFC and in this case it will show us the message “Windows Resource Protection ”simply tells us that it has not been able to repair the files, which makes it necessary to either run it again or proceed to restart the PC and try one more time.

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Run a disk cleanup: this is another tool that may well work for us, in such a way that knowing how to repair broken registry elements is simply an inconvenience of step, in this sense it is necessary to access this tool and for this we must:

  • Click on the Windows search box.
  • Then you need to click on the "Disk Cleanup in the results obtained".
  • We must click on the "Clean system files" button.
  • It is possible to mark other file options in "Files to delete", as this is simply usually temporary files.
  • We then click on a file type and check the “Description” section to find more information about the file.
  • We must click on "OK" once the file selection has been completed.
  • It is necessary to click on "Delete file" in the confirmation notice so that Windows 10 will proceed to permanently delete it.

Make use of the DISM tool: we continue working on the possible options available to know how to repair broken registry items specifically the "System File Checker" as this usually occurs in the event that it cannot find or repair a broken registry file in Windows 10, for which it is necessary:

  • Right-click on the start menu.
  • Then we must select the command prompt.
  • It is necessary to type DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth and proceed to press Enter in order to scan the corrupted files and confirm if any have been replaced.

Carry out an automatic repair:
this is another alternative that is presented to us in Windows 10 and for this it is necessary:

  • Access the automatic repair tool by going to "Settings."
  • Then we must look for "Updates and security" from there to locate "Recovery".
  • Then we must click on "Restart now" in the "Advanced startup".
  • Then, once the PC has restarted, it is necessary to select "Troubleshoot"
  • Then go to "Advanced options"
  • We proceed to select "Startup Repair" from the list of these operations.
  • We opted to choose the account and enter the profile password and in case of not having a password to protect it, just click on "Continue" and voilà, the tool will do its respective scan.

Make use of a registry scanner: we continue to offer solutions that can be applied to know how to repair broken registry elements and this is another action that can be favorable, since corrupt files can bring you inconvenience and carrying out this process is necessary:

  • Locating a registry cleaning program that is specifically reliable is possible to opt for "Malwarebytes."
  • This is a malicious registry cleaner that in a certain way can work for us, however in some occasions it will only choose to replace the registry files in Windows 10, so before accessing to execute it is necessary to read a little about this tool.

Repair Windows:
this action can be favorable and is clearly related to the installation of Windows 10, as this means accessing the applications and other settings for which it is necessary:

  • Download the Windows 10 ISO image from the Microsoft website.
  • Then it is necessary to double-click on the disk file in order to start the installation process and accept the license terms.
  • On the “Ready to install” page, click on the option “Keep Windows settings, personnel files and applications”.
  • Although if you do not want to save them, you can click on "Change" what you are going to keep and select "Keep personnel files" as well as Windows settings.
  • Once the complete installation has been carried out, we will see that the PC is free of broken files.

In this sense, knowing how to fix broken registry elements allows us to perform some actions and thus continue to enjoy Windows 10.

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