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Saber How to disable the keyboard of a laptop is simply an interesting task and here we tell you what you should know in Windows 10.

Is it possible to disable the keyboard on a laptop with Windows 10?

This is a fairly complex issue and this is because it is important to be very careful to do some kind of modification, because knowing How to disable the keyboard of a laptop requires doing a complete and well-done job about the keyboard drivers, about all because this is an operation that might not work for some laptops, also this is a very complex action but that some can perform in Windows 10 due to the fact that they possibly have some failures with their keyboard because some letter gets stuck or they are interested to use a keyboard via USB.

How to disable laptop keyboard with Windows 10?

It is necessary to make it clear that you must be very careful with some inconveniences with which you can get yourself when disabling the keyboard of a laptop, some as they can lead to irreversible inconveniences in Windows 10 for which it is worth noting.

Installing an unsupported driver can make the keyboard unusable and it is better not to try it, since this could lead us to the very famous Blue Screen of Death, so before knowing How to disable the keyboard of a laptop is important Consider if it is really worth doing since it could cause other unnecessary damages in Windows 10, anyway here we leave some details that you should know and they are the following:

There are only two options that we can perform and that are somewhat delicate, however being careful and doing everything to the letter this can lead to a feasible process.
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Uninstall the keyboard drivers: this is our first recommendation for which it is necessary to find out a little more about it, and if it has been previously uninstalled, it will be necessary to focus on uninstalling it.

  • We start by clicking the right mouse button on Windows.
  • Then you need to select Device Manager from the menu.
  • Next we proceed to Expand the Keyboard section for which it is only necessary to click on it.
  • Then we proceed to click the right mouse button to select the Disable device option.
  • It is our job to reply affirmatively in the dialog to confirm and just wait for this process to finish.
  • In such a case that the Disable option is not available, it is necessary to proceed to select Uninstall device in such a way that knowing How to disable the keyboard of a laptop allows us to continue with the instructions to remove drivers.
  • To finish it is necessary to proceed to restart our PC and proceed to verify that the keyboard is disabled in Windows 10.

Disable the automatic installation of keyboard drivers: This is the second procedure that may be feasible to know How to disable the keyboard of a laptop avoiding as much as possible that Windows 10 can install the drivers automatically where they can match the ID hardware and for this it is necessary:

  • Go to the start menu to locate Device Manager.
  • Next, it is necessary to expand the Keyboard section for which it is necessary to click on it.
  • Then you need to right-click on the keyboard name.
  • Proceed to select Properties.
  • Next it is necessary to go to the Details tab where we click on Properties.
  • Then we select Hardware IDs from the drop down menu.
  • Next we observe 3 different identifiers, in such a way that we proceed to copy the first one. We use this ID to disable the Windows 10 laptop keyboard.
  • To know how to disable the keyboard of a laptop it is necessary to use the shortcut key combinations of Windows R which allows us to open the Run dialog box where it is necessary to type gpedit.msc and proceed to press Enter.
  • Next, the Group Policy Editor opens where we will have to select Equipment Configuration located in the menu bar on the left side.
  • Next we go to Administrative Templates and from there to system, we look for Device Installation and then Device Installation Restrictions.
  • Next, we look at Device Restriction to click on Show and right-click on Prevent device installation so that these can match any device instance ID by looking for the Edit option.
  • Then we select the Enabled option and click on Show to paste the keyboard hardware ID that we copied in STEP on the box and then click on Ok.
  • We go to the Device Manager to expand the Keyboard section, we right-click on Standard PS / 2 Keyboard and proceed to Uninstall.
  • Finally, we wait for the process to finish, we restart our PC and that's it.

This is all you need to know about how to disable the keyboard of a laptop, because in reality it is a very complex task with which you must be careful, in such a way that your PC is not dead, so before doing this process at Windows 10 you better think twice.

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