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We will be telling you how to get Stagbreaker in Valheim so that you can have fun.

What is Stagbreaker?

It is a weapon that you can use in the game when you face multiple mods at the same time. It is a hammer made of staghorn and does great radius damage.
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How to get Stagbreaker in Valheim?

You will have to unlock the plane, using spruce pine wood and wood core. Then you will have to build a camp and a basic workshop, after having finished with Eikthyr.

Now with the camp and workshop, you will need 20 wood core, 5 deer trophies and 2 pieces of leather to create Stagbreaker. Head to the workbench to be able to craft the hammer.

  After having learned how to get Stagbreaker in Valheim, we hope that with this advice it can be of great help to you, and you can perform better in the game, after obtaining the Stagbreaker.

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