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2021-02-08 18:46:54

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Today we will tell you everything you need to know about how to trade photos with friends in Genshin Impact in a practical and pleasant way.

What is Genshin Impact?

It is a free gacha game created by MiHoYo, it was launched around the end of last year and is one of the most popular games within its genre.
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How to trade photos with friends on Genshin Impact?

For one of the missions of the "Five Flushes of Fortune" event, your main task will be to take pictures of specific creature objects, which you will have to take for a Treasure Trove. However, to be able to claim the treasure, you need at least 5 pieces of the same color, which is not so easy, so it is useful to exchange repeated photos with your friends.

When you have repeated colors you can exchange them with another friend you have on the list. For this, you will have to start by going to the menu> click on the Events option> Five Flushes of Fortune to see the events panel> and then select Photo exchange, to know who of your friends is also doing this event and be able to exchange.

  After having seen the guide that we present to you today on how to trade photos with friends in Genshin Impact, we hope that you can get all the photos that you are missing.

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