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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-09 03:17:49

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Weapons are vital in Valheim, which makes it pertinent to tell you How to get a Finewood Bow, let's see.

What are bow in Valheim?

When we start in the game we have nothing to face the wildlife, no weapons and even almost no clothes, which will lead us to have to build things that are useful for our survival, among which are the bows, when Let's go through the stage that our fists will not be enough, we will lean on them, they are important to face those larger enemies and the animals that represent greater obstacles, it is appropriate to understand How to obtain a Finewood Bow and in this guide they will be details below.
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How to get a Finewood Bow in Valheim?

Specifically, there are several bow-type weapons that we can use in the game, which can only be manufactured, but as the raw bow is surpassed by the Finewood Bow, it is a majestic weapon that will help us in the hunt, and We will do good damage to the enemies, it even has an important speed and easy to handle, for its construction we must make crops, taking into account that its availability is not instantaneous, what we will initially do is find a Troll, specifically we will look for one that is wielding a club, then it must be located in fine wood through a place where there are many trees, it is necessary to make the Troll attack us and when we are near the trees we are going to make their attacks go against them trees, avoiding in turn that it kills us, which allows us to obtain a batch of wood, but we must achieve the complete destruction of the tree and for this we repeat the process, even for different trees, of This way we obtain the Finewood Bow, and we can get the best out of this incredible weapon.

 Definitely, knowing how to obtain a Finewood Bow allows us to have an ideal tool to explore in Valheim.

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