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Angel Marquez
2022-12-09 04:21:41

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Today we bring you a guide on How to beat all Mistlands enemies in Valheim

¿What to know about the Mistlands enemies in Valheim?

  It is a biome that presents different hidden dangers, this being the last one in the game we have to be well prepared to go through here, it is important that we are aware of what we will find, this requires knowing how to beat all the enemies of Mistlands in Valheim and to orient ourselves we can use the following content, let's see.

¿How to beat all Mistlands enemies in Valheim?

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We must consider the different enemies that we will face in Mistlands and it is appropriate to have the details in this regard and these are the following:


  They have similarities with dwarves, their skin is dyed blue, bright blue eyes and red beards, they show aggressiveness and passivity in some way against us, it will depend on what we do, they are usually in groups with a mixture of types, now this It comes from two types of enemies and they are the following:

  • Rogue: Use crossbows as equipment for bolt shots such as Fire and Ice, are the most populous of the Dvergr types, and occur in mixed groups.
  • Wizard: they are quite dangerous, they use staffs that are powered by Eitr from Embers or Frost, which indicates their way of attacking, when dealing with this it will be individually, considering how difficult it is to find a couple of these in a camp.

  Facing this type of enemies, it is opportune that we move away to deal with them individually, magicians are the most problematic and it is important to keep them isolated to defeat them.


  This is a monstrosity that is floating and swollen, when we get very close it starts shooting explosive fire projectiles, with the use of ranged weapons such as the bow is our best option to face it, we can easily dodge it, but it is necessary to marry it to Obtain the Bilebag, a resource of importance to create a series of items.


  They have similarities with the ants, which are around the infested structures of Mistlands, through the chitinous green growths in the surroundings, let's recognize them, they can fly short distances, they are not that powerful and like to move in groups, there are several types of these enemies and are the following:

  • Breeding: these are the least dangerous, they are generated through eggs, many of them accumulate if there are eggs in the process, we must take care of ourselves using AOE that we have.
  • Soldier: this type cannot fly, only that it has a large thick armor to compensate for it, they have attacks that require changes in tactics when observing our movement, they even bite, headbutt or attack us with their claws.
  • Tick: they can be found in groups, they are small and horrible, they attack by jumping behind our backs and slowly drain our health until we end up dead, what we will do is use the range in our favor as a strategy.

  Finally, now that we know how to beat all Mistlands enemies in Valheim we can move on in such a busy game.

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