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Lidia Rozo
2022-12-09 15:29:38

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We have made a guide to tell you Where to find infested mines in Valheim.

What are mine infested in Valheim?

These are some resources that are usually in different areas of this game, they must be taken to our base, this is because they are usually necessary for some crafting recipes, so it is our job to take care of getting them, since these mines are a kind of dungeon where we can explore a bit.

Where to find infested mines in Valheim?

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We must move to the Mistlands biome to explore and this is a weapon that is usually covered by black mountains and gazes, so hovering over any of the locations will take us to the map directly, we must embark on some explorations, this makes it necessary take a look at the search engines where there are usually large creatures similar to insects that have laid different eggs all over the place, this makes it necessary to take care of hunting them because they have a shell, in addition to blood clots that they release and that make part of the necessary materials, this makes it necessary to take care of bringing them to our base to start craft projects.

The shell of these creatures is usually viable to use as a kind of armor and this is usually important when we are going to visit the Lands of the Mist because here we will have encounters that we must survive and the armor can favor us.

It should be noted that the mines do not appear on the map, this makes it necessary to go through the Mistlands, when we get the mines we will mark them to better return to the team and friends.

Now that you know Where to find infested mines in Valheim we can launch into this search and thus continue to progress.

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