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2022-12-09 07:12:32

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The action in Valheim does not stop, which will lead us to tell you How to make Refined Eitr in Valheim.

What to know about refined Eitr in Valheim?

This is an important feature that is presented with the recent update of Mistlands, adding a magical world to the game, this power is known as Eitr, different ways of taking advantage of it are presented, with the manufacture of new weapons and objects, now it is necessary that we find a way to extract and refine it, this will allow us to have a tool of great impact for the final stage of the game, seeking to be aware of How to make refined Eitr in Valheim, let's follow the following content carefully.

How to make refined Eitr in Valheim?

It is necessary that we first have a sap extractor, which requires an automatic recipe for said structure, from the Mistlands camps we are going to loot the Dvergr extractor, they are new enemies that are very dangerous, we will look for a box with glowing blue runes in their camp, which will have an extractor, we must be aware that when breaking the box they will become aggressive, we must be prepared for this possibility.

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When we have the extractor we will earn the sap extractor recipe, with this we will look for the roots of Yggdrasion around the Mistlands, the bright green ruptures along the bark is where the accumulated sap is, it is necessary that we build a workbench nearby and in the bright rupture we will have the construction of the sap extractor, for this we will need 5 black metals, 10 Yggdrasil wood, and 1 Dvergr extractor, we can create several sap extractors if we accumulate more Dvergr extractors and with this they will be able to speed up the process, remaining in any case waiting for the extraction of the sap.

In the case of the refined Eitr, a series of materials is required, with a new work station, it is important to make the Eitr refinery, having it in a remote place so as not to ruin it, we are talking about 12 meters at least, to make the refinery 5 black cores, 5 black metals, 20 black marbles, 10 Yggdrasil wood and 3 saps are required, with this construction we can start the production of refined Eitr, where a couple of components necessary for said production are presented, these being the following:

  • Sap: we extract it with the sap extractor that we have created at the beginning.
  • White tissue: with our beak we are going to use it on the dark bones that are in the Dverger camps, which allows us to produce soft tissue and black marble, it is possible to attack the locals, so we must take care of ourselves, otherwise we can use random boxes in the camps.

With this we are going to have the refinery active and the production of refined Eitr, which are similar to glowing greenish orbs that pulsate with magical energy, but this is dangerous, so it requires the construction of the refinery away from the other structures, each pulse can damage the base and even destroy them, it is appropriate to take the refined Eitr as soon as we have it produced, with this we will see the unlocking of various recipes that will be used for our components.

In this way we finish our guide, now you know how to make Refined Eitr in Valheim, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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