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2022-12-09 08:21:37

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There are various objects to be made in the games and this time we will explain how to make the stone cutter in Valheim.

What is the stone cutter in Valheim?

This is an object that we must take care of building in this game, and it is that it will be useful, considering that here we must manipulate some metals and various minerals as we progress, here we must have tools that can be used to survive, it should be noted that the cutter is a necessary element and for this we must use harvesting ancient natural elements, this is a necessary and interesting manufacturing task that we can execute here, and today we will tell you what you must do to achieve it.

How to make the stone cutter in Valheim?

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It is necessary to cultivate some materials, in addition to building additional buildings, in order to do so we must get:

Surging cores: these are usually collected by killing Scurtling who is usually in the Swamp biome, it is necessary to take care of getting the amount of 5 cores.

20 stones: this is another resource that we must obtain, and here there is no particular method to execute.

Next, we must unlock the smelter with the stone and the cores.

Foundry to create scrap usually requires getting:

  • 10 of wood.
  • 2 iron.
  • 4 stone.
  • A workbench.

Now that we have the cutter in our hands, we can use it to process stone and thus create fascinating tools that allow us to delve into this adventure.

This is all you need to know about how to make the stone cutter in Valheim, it will only suffice to embark on the search for manufacturing materials and having it make the most of it.

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