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How to Craft a Personal Chest in Valheim - Valheim is a video game where players must craft a chest in order to access their own personal treasure on their journey through the world of Valheim.

What is Personal Chest in Valheim?

The Personal Chest is an item storage container in Valheim. Unlike other storage options, like the Chest and the Cart, it is much more durable and can only store a limited number of items. Crafting a Personal Chest requires 10 Fine Wood and 8 Iron, making it one of the more expensive storage containers in the game.

How to Craft a Personal Chest in Valheim?

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To craft a Personal Chest in Valheim, you'll need the following materials: 

• 10 Fine Wood 
• 8 Iron 

First, you'll need to obtain the Fine Wood by searching for Birch or Oak trees in Meadows or Plains biomes. Then, use a Bronze axe to cut them down for your supply. To get Iron, you must find and smelt Scrap iron in the Smelter, which takes 30 seconds for each Iron. 

Once you have all the materials, you'll need to build the Personal Chest in the Crafting menu. You can place the Personal Chest anywhere in your house, but it cannot be placed outside. The Personal Chest has fewer items than other Chests, but it is much more durable. It is not possible to increase its capacity, so you must create multiple Chests if you need additional storage.
Crafting a Personal Chest in Valheim is a worthwhile investment for any player looking for additional storage space. Although it is more expensive than other options, it is also much more durable and reliable. With the materials and instructions outlined above, you'll be able to craft your own Personal Chest in no time, easily expanding your storage options.

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