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Angel Marquez
2022-12-09 14:04:51

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We invite you to discover How to unlock creative mode in Valheim, a new task.

What to know about creative mode in Valheim?

Officially, we do not have a creative mode that we can enable, it is only possible to end the limitations through the use of console commands that have the same integrated game and debugging mode, with these couple of functions it is possible to achieve To be aware of what to do to unlock the creative mode, let's take into account the following content.

How to unlock creative mode in Valheim?

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To have the debugging mode and the console commands we have to enable it, for this we will go to our Steam library to look for the game, we will right-click it to enter the properties, in the general tab we have the options text box launch, here we will write –console, we start the game and while in it, we press F5 to enter the console window, now we will write devcommands here to enable this capability, for debugging functions we will write debugmode.

The next thing is that we will use the debug mode to remove the limitations, for this we will use the B to enable the construction without resources, which does not require crafting resources such as Fine Wood, nor the crafting banks such as the cutest of stone, pressing the Z we will enable the flight, with the K we kill all the enemies that are in a nearby radius, the utility commands that allow us to have more freedom with freefly for the free camera, exploremap to reveal the complete map and everything to change the time of day.

Now that we know how to unlock creative mode in Valheim, we only have to do it to continue in such a busy game.

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