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2022-12-09 07:43:09

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There are various resources to get in the games, and that is why we will explain how to get the feathered cape in Valheim.

What is the feather cape in Valheim?

This is a new object that we have in this game, and it is part of the novelties offered by the most recent expansion of this game that has included:

  • New biome.
  • Materials.
  • Enemies.
  • Articles.

Knowing how to get the feather cloak in Valheim implies taking care of creating this article and that it is usually quite useful for the Viking repertoire and that is that it offers us the possibility of floating down when we fall, this prevents us from receiving damage, this It tends to be more viable when we are in the mountains, in this case, we must embark on a manufacturing process and we will talk about it later.
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How to get the feather cape in Valheim?

It is important to take into account that this object makes it necessary to take care of building a manufacturing station that will give you the Galdr Table, in addition to collecting certain rare materials, here are the materials necessary to manufacture the recipe:

10 feathers: this is a resource that we get by scaring the birds, and they usually drop them or by finding them randomly in chests.

5 hidden scales: this is a resource that usually drops from an unlikely source, that is, from the new mobs and in this case we must take care of killing them, so that they can drop it, only these are usually fast and this makes things more complicated.

20 Refined Eitr: to get this resource we must go to the refinery, we must refine it for 20 minutes.

When managing to gather these resources we must use the Galdr table in order to make the feathered cloak and avoid fearing damage from falls, then we explore some more dizzying places and thus get a frost resistance boost.

In this sense, knowing how to get the feather cape in Valheim offers us to carry out a manufacturing process and thus have a favorable resource in the game.

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